About Us

We are dedicated to providing services that assist students to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge required to successfully participate in educational experiences. We provide indirect and direct service to the student and/or the school community. Our collective knowledge, skills, energy, creativity and empathy support and nurture this process.

Our philosophy is consistent with our District’s mission statement, “Together, We Learn” and with that of the Ministry of Education and the Special Education Programs Division.

Child Centered
Children are individual learners with diverse needs and skills
Learning occurs at different rates and at different ways
Diversity is valued and respected
Each child has their own set of cultural, educational, social, and family experiences that impacts on their success
Learning occurs in the least restrictive environment
Supportive, caring community

Shared Responsibility
Collaboration occurs through respectful, supportive, and proactive cultures
Family support and community networks are embraced
Process to understand student strengths and needs to establish educational goals

Capacity Building of Supportive Teams
Professional and productive learning communities
Specific workshops and in-service for professional development
Current research on best-practice, high-yield strategies, appropriate interventions
Dynamic process of consultation, modelling, and coaching

A process for seamless transition:

Accountable to Student Achievement
– District and School alignment
– Integral role in School Improvement Plans; District Accountability Contract (Special Ed is Regular Ed)
– Intense focus on literacy, numeracy, social responsibility and independence
– Early Intervention
– Later literacy programs
– Support for Learning: modifications, adaptations, differentiated instruction, collaborative model of support (reading, numeracy, behaviour, psyche ed assessments; resources; delivery of support)

Our Pyramid of Overall Support

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