Who is a Gifted Learner?

School District 60 describes a Gifted Learner as someone who has general high intellectual ability, a high degree of task commitment, and high general creativity.


Parents, Teachers, and Administrators may nominate a student for Gifted screening. Parents who feel that their child should be considered for a Gifted level program, should discuss it with their school administrator, or contact the Gifted/Enrichment Teacher for more information.


Students who are nominated, if their parents wish, will participate in further assessment consisting of the Canadian Cognitive Abilities Test (CCAT), and a checklist of characteristics to assess each of task commitment and creativity. Other information deemed by parents, administrators, teachers, and the students themselves, to be pertinent will be considered, such as school performance and personal activities.


Three strands of support are available to students, namely a multi-age congregated class, one for grade 5, 6 and 7 students, another for grade 8, 9 and 10 students; a periodic pull-out program, and a modified classroom program.

Characteristics of a Gifted Learner

1)Learns easily with little need for repetition.

2)Has a wide range of general knowledge.

3) Has a vocabulary in advance of age peers.

4) Has an excellent memory.

5) Is intense and persistent in tasks.

6) Is self directed and independent.

7) Is inquisitive and sometimes skeptical.

8)Has an adult-like sense of humour.

9) Is a perfectionist in tasks completed.

10) Demonstrates advanced artistic ability.

11) Demonstrates advanced dramatic ability.

12) Demonstrates advanced musical ability.

13) Demonstrates advanced mathematical ability.

14) Demonstrates advanced reading ability.

15) Is creative and inventive.

16) Is capable but a nuisance.

17) has a wide range of interests and abilities.

18) Shows imagination and originality.

19) Shows a high level of empathy and sympathy.

20) Reads a great deal independently.

21) Shows a high level of task commitment.

22) Prefers the company of older children or adults.

23) Plays games with sophisticated rules.

24) Is aesthetically aware.

25) Has a heightened sense of justice or fairness.