Learning Assistance/District Learning Resource Teacher

District Learning Resource Teacher

The role of the Learning Resource Teacher (LRT) is to provide direction and consultation to the Learning Assistance Teachers in School District No. 60. Our learning assistants provide service to students who exhibit a wide range of learning and behavioural challenges and who require a variety of adaptations and/or modifications to their educational experience.

In conjunction with the Learning Services administration team, the LRT will assist in the coordination and development of district procedures for informal assessments, record keeping, Ministry of Education documentation and individualized support for students with learning disabilities as well as other learning challenges.

The LRT is often involved in organizing and facilitating professional development for learning assistant teachers, classroom teachers and educational assistants. Topics for in-services reflect Ministry guidelines and current trends and issues in Special Education and/or Literacy achievement for all students. Topics that have recently been explored by our learning assistants are as follows: Core Competencies, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, Chronic Health Conditions, IEP Writing in ASSESS, Learning Disabilities, Reading Interventions, Self Regulation, Executive Functions, Class Reviews, & Menus of Support.

The LRT provides consultative services to school based teams to collaboratively develop the most effective intervention plans possible for students who require extra support. Some students require the involvement of many professionals such as learning assistants, itinerants, district staff, classroom teachers, educational assistants, counsellors and community agencies in order to provide the services required to be successful. The LRT will work in consultation with School Based Teams, including the student and the parents to develop a working individual plan that will best suit the needs of the student.

Together, with the district literacy coach, the LRT is involved in district literacy initiatives that affect the assessment and programming of students with and without learning disabilities. Differentiation and best practice in literacy instruction for all students are the guiding features of the LRT’s involvement in literacy instruction from Kindergarten to High School.

To access the services of our LRT, in respect to the assessment or programming of students, please send in a completed Itinerant Referral Form to Learning Services.

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