SAT Program

Did you know that we have a School Aged Therapy program that can provide some supports in the home for PT/OT/SLP?

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The Learning Services Department is comprised of two divisions:  Inclusion & Curriculum. The department is located at the School District No. 60’s Board Office in Fort St. John.  We support the needs of students and staff at all 22 schools in our district comprising of approximately 6000 students.

The Learning Services Department is guided by the philosophy and goals in the District Framework for Enhancing Student Learning document (Link).  Learning Services is committed to providing quality inclusive education for all students in our district by working with Students, Schools, Teachers, Administrators, Parents, and other departments within the district including Technology Services, Indigenous Education, Careers & ADST.

To Support School District No. 60’s Framework for Enhancing Student Learning the

Learning Services Department supports & contributes by:

  • Promoting inclusive practice so all students may participate, contribute and learn by fostering student intellectual, human-social and career-skills development

  • Increasing meaningful learning opportunities for all students in all areas of learning.

  • Increasing skill in technology application to engage all learners.

  • Increasing literacy & numeracy for ALL in an inclusive setting.

  • Promoting understanding of diversity in schools for staff, students & parents. Helping others to understand there is strength in diversity.

  • Strengthening school teams to improve school efficacy.

  • Encouraging and planning for student independence.

Learning Services’ Operational Mandate is available at this link. In 2018-2019 LS has moved from an independent Framework to supporting the District Framework along with the LS Operation Mandate. Learning Services is working this year to build capacity with an inquiry process to examine our work in supporting students and staff.