Learning Services Overview of Designation Processes

During our 2018 Low Incidence Audit the District Team kept a list of takeaways that occurred to us throughout the preparation for the audit. One solution to a verbal history was to create an authoritative source of information with links to needed documents for our processes that involve designations. Provided below is a living document that will be updated over time considering future needs or changes to the provincial Special Education Manual.

LS Designations – Authoritative Source for Designations in SD60 – 2018 and Beyond 

Special Ed. Conferences | Counselling Conferences |Leadership Conferences | Pro-D Calendar | Training

Take a look at the “Effective Practices” Rubrics from to see how they’ve displayed the continuum of practices demonstrated by those involved in Special Education support.

  1. Download the page marked “Effective Practices for Students with Disabilities that Significantly Affect Function.”
  2. Open the PDF File
  3. Go to page 4 of the download.  Voila!  This is the rubric we’d use!

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