Learning Support Model

Boards of Education reporting students on the 1701 forms as one of the three levels identified, will receive supplemental Special Needs funding in addition to the Basic Allocation. The students must be provided with special needs supports and meet criteria set out in the Ministry’s Special Education Services, A Manual of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines. 

Level 1

A - Physically Dependent

B- Deaf/Blind

Level 2

C- Moderate to Profound Intellectual Ability

D- Chronic Health Impairment

E- Visual Impairment

F- Deaf & Hard of Hearing

G- Autism Spectrum Disorder

Level 3

H- Intensive Behaviour or Serious Mental Illness

It is important to know that funding does not come to the school district targeted for individual students.

For more information visit the K-12 Funding Policy in British Columbia

Our Learning Support Model………

Our Learning Support Model is based on a set of Guiding Principles…….

Our Learning Support Model provides flexibility to individual schools to meet the needs of all students.  Key themes of our model include a universal approach, student independence, a meaningful class review process, and strong and dedicated school based teams.   All of which are the foundation of student achievement.

Ministry funding goes towards inclusive supports such as teachers, educational assistants, youth support workers, various specialists including occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech & language therapists, and a school psychologist. Additionally, funding also supports a variety of learning initiatives and programs, learning and technology resources, professional development, and more……