Speech-Language Pathology

Speech-language services are designed to support students whose educational and/or social progress is adversely affected by communication difficulties. Any student with delayed, disordered, or atypical speech and/or language should be brought to the attention of the speech-language pathologist (SLP). Our mandate is to service students from Kindergarten through grade 3, with the exception of inclusion / low incidence students who receive services for the duration of their academic experience with School District #60.

The speech-language pathology department focuses on prevention, identification and assessment, program development and planning, consultation, collaboration with other educators and community partners, in-service training, as well as information sharing with families and other service providers.

Areas of support include difficulty with articulation, language comprehension, language expression, phonological awareness, social language, voice, fluency, or a need for alternative / augmentative communication.

SLP services include the following: direct treatment by SLP, support from a speech-language assistant or educational assistant, group or individual therapy, home programs,  classroom recommendations, and language learning at the classroom level for all learners in collaboration with the classroom teacher.

Referral Process

A student can be referred to the speech-language pathology department by teachers, parents, and administrators in conjunction with the learning assistance teacher. Speech-language pathologists can also refer students, which often occurs during the Kindergarten Speech and Language screening process. A complete referral package includes: itinerant referral form, case history form, and a teacher checklist of areas of support needed for the student.

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