School Psychology in School District 60!

School Psychologists strive to help students succeed * at school * at home * in life 

By collaborating with educators, parents, and other professionals, they work to find the best solution for each child and situation, whether that is supporting academics, behaviour, and/or social-emotional well-being. 

School Psychologists have training in both psychology and education. Plus, as professionals, they are required to complete at least 25 hours of professional development yearly, and may further their learning in a variety of areas. School Psychologists embrace the notion of Life-Long Learning! 

venn diagram explaining Psychology and Education

School Psychologists provide a mix of direct support to students and consultative support to teachers and other educators. School Psychologists support a response to intervention (RTI) framework where students are provided with high-quality, evidence-based instruction and interventions that match their level of need. Particular diverse needs may be identified through formal psychoeducational assessments, which highlight a student’s strengths and challenges in a variety of domains. 

A day in the life of a School Psychologist is never boring! From increasing a 6 year old’s ability to label and regulate their emotions, to supporting a 16 year old’s ability to effectively manage and organize their course load, to enhancing a teacher’s understanding of the role of working memory in learning, we are constantly working to make a difference. Add in traveling throughout the beautiful Peace River area, and there is something to celebrate each day.

In School District 60, our School Psychologist is Carmen Gietz. Referrals for School Psychology services are made in collaboration with each school’s School-Based Team.

For more information on School Psychology, please contact Carmen at (250) 262-6099.