EA Learning

School District 60 is working closely with Northern Lights College around EA Certification. We are pleased to offer several SSEAC modules throughout the school year which contribute to some of the courses at NLC.  Please see attached info about our partnership with NLC:



Along with this EA handbook, our key contacts at NLC are pleased to offer assistance and will make every effort to answer any questions you may have about both the certificate and diploma based programs.  If interested in receiving NLC credit for SSEAC Modules, EAs are reminded to pay a $90 course fee for each EDAS (not each module) Payment can be made at the front desk of the SD60 Board Office. Debit, Visa, and Cheque are all accepted.

Cindy Page, EA/ECE chair– She is more than willing to review your courses and offers to be a program advisor for anyone interested in contacting her.  She can be reached at: EA Chair Toll-Free: 1-855-258-0585,   EA Chair Email: ece-ea-chair@nlc.bc.ca
Karen Giesbrecht, Local Program Support Clerk– She can support with documentation, transcripts, etc.  Karen can be reached at: FSJ Campus: (250)787-6234,  Email: ecetadept@nlc.bc.ca
 For information on upcoming SSEAC modules, please contact Joy Friesen at (250)262-6087. For School District Information on EA Certification, please visit the website at the following link:  http://www.prn.bc.ca/?p=1741